Our sustainability pledges

Certified by RJC

An essential part of our commitment to creating socially and environmentally conscious jewelry is our partnership with a factory certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). The certification ensures the presence of responsible business practices including for the supply chain, human & labour rights, working conditions, health, safety and environment.

  • Our eco-friendly packaging

    In line with our values, we offer eco-friendly packaging for your favourite pieces to be delivered to you in a more sustainable way. Less is more, thus all Frida & Florence jewelry pieces come packaged in our organic cotton pouches. For special occasions, we also offer an eco-friendly gift box.  

    Both our cotton pouches and gift boxes are tarnish free, eco-friendly and FSC®-certified. 

    Finally, our postal boxes are made from sturdy FSC®-certified corrugated cardboard and will ensure your jewelry arrives safely to you. 


    Read more about our eco-friendlypackaging

  • …to the planet

    When it comes to our planet, less is more. We pride ourselves on making luxury jewelry with a lower impact, so we passionately research and apply the latest and most sustainable practices to create our collections. By using recycled gold and silver, we ensure we make the most of the materials we already have and prevent further mining and habitat destruction to gain new materials. 

  • …to our people

    People are our inspiration. We value the time and passion each of our collaborating artists, designers and producers contribute to our vision of creating beautifuljewelry. Partnering with an RJC certified factory ensures that we provide the highest standards of labour and human rights, health & safety, and business ethics to our people. By creating planet and people-friendly collections, we are showing the next generation of jewelry lovers that beauty and exclusivity never have to be harmful. 


We use quality materials and sustainable processes to make limited, low-impact luxury jewelry. But for us, jewelry is much more than the sum of its parts.We take an expansive approach, creating collections that embody diverse ideas, artistic practices and rich traditionsto enable all women to feel beautiful, strong and represented with unique, sustainable jewelry. 

  • Customer care

    Our dedicated customer support team is on-hand to answer your queries, from order requests to care advice. 

  • Sustainability

    We use recycled metals and increasingly sustainable processes to create luxury jewelry with a lower impact. 


    We’re passionate about long-lasting jewelry. Should your jewelry become damaged due to a production defect, we will replace it at no cost if returned with a receipt within two years of purchase.