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Discover our exquisite collection of jewelry, carefully curated with pieces that reflect both classic and modern styles.

From stunning earrings to elegant statement necklaces, these pieces are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.



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  • Lura Gold Small Huggie Earrings
  • Elodie Delicate Twine Gold Bangle Bracelet
    Regular price£115.00 Sale price£98.00
  • Lura Silver Small Huggie Earrings
  • Connection Wave Diamond Silver Ring
    Regular price£95.00 Sale price£81.00

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  • Natalia Gold Sunglasses Chain / Eyewear Chain
  • Idun Gold Huggie Earrings
  • Mara Intricate Twist White Zirconia Bangle Bracelet
    Regular price£190.00 Sale price£95.00
  • Emma Delicate White Zirconia Pendant Necklace
    Regular price£120.00 Sale price£60.00
  • Lucrecia Gold Hoops Earrings
    Regular price£75.00 Sale price£64.00
  • Heart of Gold Pendant Necklace
    Regular price£88.00 Sale price£75.00
  • Diana Gold Chunky Chain Necklace
    Regular price£270.00 Sale price£135.00
  • Camila Spiral Gold Hoop Earrings
    Regular price£110.00 Sale price£94.00
  • Orelia Mini Gold and Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
    Regular price£60.00 Sale price£36.00
  • Dazzling Dewdrops Gold Earrings
    Regular price£55.00 Sale price£46.00
  • Elara Gold Sunglasses Chain / Eyewear Chain
    Regular price£55.00 Sale price£47.00
  • Isadora Gold Sunglasses Chain / Eyewear Chain
  • Amelia Chunky Gold Ring and Skinny White Zirconia Ring Stacker Set
    Regular price£140.00 Sale price£84.00

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  • Freya Gold Huggie Earrings
  • Connection Wave Diamond Gold Ring
    Regular price£110.00 Sale price£94.00
  • Shiny Embrace Gold Ear Cuff
    Regular price£43.00 Sale price£36.00
  • Shiny Embrace Silver Ear Cuff
    Regular price£38.00 Sale price£32.00
  • Eternal Beauty Gold Necklace
    Regular price£69.00 Sale price£58.00
  • Dancing Starlight Gold Ring
    Regular price£60.00 Sale price£48.00

    Few items left!

  • Athena Gold and Silver Mix Sunglasses Chain / Eyewear Chain
  • Watery Paths Gold Bangle Bracelet
    Regular price£135.00 Sale price£115.00
  • Juno Gold Hoop Earrings
    Regular price£75.00 Sale price£64.00
  • Charis Chunky Gold Medium Hoop Earrings
  • Alaia Petite White Zirconia Pendant Necklace
    Regular price£115.00 Sale price£58.00
  • Sofia Gold and Sterling Silver Stud Earrings
    Regular price£75.00 Sale price£42.00
  • Interwoven Souls Wave Diamond Silver Ring Set
    Regular price£164.00 Sale price£140.00

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  • Heart of Unity Wave Diamond Gold Necklace
    Regular price£153.00 Sale price£131.00
  • Whispers Wave Diamond Gold Huggie Earrings

    Few items left!

  • Customer care

    Our dedicated customer support team is on-hand to answer your queries, from order requests to care advice. 

  • Sustainability

    We use recycled metals and increasingly sustainable processes to create luxury jewelry with a lower impact. 


    We’re passionate about long-lasting jewelry. Should your jewelry become damaged due to a production defect, we will replace it at no cost if returned with a receipt within two years of purchase.