The brand-new collection from VIZZ  


More than a concept, The Bonds is an homage to connections; those we create and nurture during our lives that join us to each other and the surrounding world. Bonds shape the universe – from the chemical bonds that laid the foundations for life, to the personal links in our relationships. Life is about the bonds we make.


We believe that the relationship between us and our planet is mutual. All gold and sterling silver of The Bonds is 100% recycled, helping to preserve natural resources by reusing materials we already have. Every diamond we have used is lab-grown to eliminate industrial mining and the associated risks from our jewellery.


In culture and tradition, twine has long been a symbol of interwoven lives, tied by bonds of lineage and friendship, confirming its signature feature throughout The Bonds. Across the collection, the weft of its strands and its emblematic form symbolise how individual stories weave together to create the infinite tapestry of life’s connections; the bonds that make us who we are.

  • Customer care

    Our dedicated customer support team is on-hand to answer your queries, from order requests to care advice. 

  • Sustainability

    We use recycled metals and increasingly sustainable processes to create luxury jewelry with a lower impact. 


    We’re passionate about long-lasting jewelry. Should your jewelry become damaged due to a production defect, we will replace it at no cost if returned with a receipt within two years of purchase.